Our Story Page

Our health is precious and worth protecting.

At ESTA, we turn to nature and tap on its power to protect and rejuvenate. We seek to innovate quality products free of harmful chemicals and full of natural ingredients that leave consumers feeling well and feeling good.


To innovate a new wave of antimicrobial products that are derived from nature and backed by science.


To be the leader in the research and development of natural antimicrobial products.

ESTA collaborates with brands / corporates to create the perfect gifts for their brand / company gifts.

Brand Customizations

Logo Customization

Customize intended your gifts with your logos and layout to emphasize on your brand.

Identity Customization

Logos may not be the only brand identity you have, customize the bottles with your brand identity to create the perfect gift.

Message Personalization

Personalize your message for your gifts to share your appreciation.