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ESTA Quality Standards & Control

ESTA partners with external quality auditors to perform stringent quality checks, ensuring high quality products and batch-to-batch consistency. Our manufacturing processes adheres to GMP guidelines under ISO 22716 certification.

Locally Produced

ESTA products are proudly designed, developedand made in Singapore.

Derived from Nature | Developed with Science | Designed for Community

ESTA harnesses the power of nature to innovate antimicrobial agents.

ESTA looks into nature in search of plant-derived antimicrobials thatare free from heavy metals, has low-to-no cytotoxicity and possessesstrong antimicrobial potency.

Proprietary Process

Our Technology

No toxic waste

ESTA’s clean label extraction technology transforms botanical sources into natural antimicrobial agents with no toxic waste released into the environment.

Sustainable Sourcing

ESTA sources for our raw materials carefully to reduce wastage and unethical practices. We aim to achieve a closed loop manufacturing by transforming food by-products into useful antimicrobial agents.