ES-TA's Philosophy

"Nature has all the Answers"

Derived from Nature

Developed with Science

Designed for Community

ES-TA believes that "Nature has all the answers" and strives to continuously explore Nature in search of natural antimicrobials from Botanicals or Food Wastes.
Using Science, we will look into the antimicrobial potency of these naturally-derived antimicrobials, apply and develop the next generation of antimicrobial products. 
ES-TA's products are designed with YOU in mind, for the benefit and overall well-being of the Global Community.






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Our health is precious and worth protecting.

At ESTA, we turn to nature and tap on its power to protect and rejuvenate. We seek to innovate quality products free of harmful chemicals and full of natural ingredients that leave consumers feeling well and feeling good.


To innovate a new wave of antimicrobial products that are derived from nature and backed by science.


To be the leader in the research and development of natural antimicrobial products.

Our Technology

ESTA Research & Pilot Production Plant

ESTA’s first research & pilot production facility is well equipped to support work in various domains including chemical production ,material engineering, microbiology and mammalian tissue culture. Our R&D team is led by Dr. Lim Kaiyang, our Chief Scientific Officer.

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ESTA Quality Standards & Control

ESTA partners with external quality auditors to perform stringent quality checks, ensuring high quality products and batch-to-batch consistency. Our manufacturing processes adheres to GMP guidelines under ISO 22716 certification.

Locally Produced

ESTA products are proudly designed, developedand made in Singapore.

Derived from Nature | Developed with Science | Designed for Community

ESTA harnesses the power of nature to innovate antimicrobial agents.

ESTA looks into nature in search of plant-derived antimicrobials thatare free from heavy metals, has low-to-no cytotoxicity and possessesstrong antimicrobial potency.

Proprietary Process

Our Technology

No toxic waste

ESTA’s clean label extraction technology transforms botanical sources into natural antimicrobial agents with no toxic waste released into the environment.

Sustainable Sourcing

ESTA sources for our raw materials carefully to reduce wastage and unethical practices. We aim to achieve a closed loop manufacturing by transforming food by-products into useful antimicrobial agents.

Our Technology

ULTRABactech Properties

Natural & Potent

ESTA’s plant-based antimicrobial agent possesses potent antimicrobial efficacy against a broad spectrum of microbes.

High Product Applicability Potential

ULTRABactech™ has excellent processibility and superior biocompatibility,making it ideal to be applied on different end-products. It is able to retain its antimicrobial efficacy under extreme conditions, thus it is suitable for downstream applications on products from different industries

Testing Reports


Full Compositional Analysis

Only natural compounds are found in ULTRABactech™, there are no synthetic chemicals.

Testing Reports


Cytotoxicity Evaluation

No heavy metals or harmful compounds are found in ULTRABactech™

Testing Reports


Antimicrobial Activity Test -ASTM E2315

ULTRABactech™ is proven to have high antibacterial efficacy against a broad spectrum of bacteria.

Testing Reports


Virucidal Activity Test - EN 14476

ULTRABactech™ is proven to have high antiviral efficacy with its strength in eliminating both enveloped viruses & non-enveloped viruses.

Product Application & Development Map

Partnerships & Collaborations

Antimicrobial Science Research

Explore and screen natural products for potent antimicrobial agents

Engineer and optimize extraction strategies for efficacious extraction of antimicrobial compounds

Develop and characterize next generation naturally derived antimicrobial agents

Derived from Nature | Developed with Science | Designed for Community

ESTA develops reliable products for the community by blending nature and science.

At ESTA, we design and develop products with the community in mind. We conduct market research to identify and analyze the problems of products in the market and create innovative solutions.


ESTA incorporates our plant derived antimicrobial into different personal protection products, such as sanitizers, soap etc.


ESTA products are strongly backed by science for its efficacy by international testing agencies.

ESTA Sanitizers & Disinfectant

ESTA identifies the problems of existing products in the market via a combination of primary and secondary research.

ESTA Sanitizers & Disinfectant

Cytotoxicity is one of the biggest concerns of consumers and regulating authorities.

Sanitizers in the market currently contain high content of synthetic chemicals that could be harmful to you. Prolonged exposure to these harmful compound could lead to health problems in the future. Thus, HSA has also begun to address the compositions of the sanitizers in the market. Numerous presses have also published articles to create public awareness and to educate the general public.


ESTA Hand Sanitizer

Rapid Action ESTA Hand Sanitizer is proven to be able to kill 99.99% microbes within seconds of exposure.

Lasting Protection ESTA Hand Sanitizer is proven to have sustained antimicrobial potency up to 24h upon application

Gentle & Moisturizing ESTA Hand Sanitizer is near neutral in pH level sand contains natural aloe Vera.

Non-toxic ESTA Hand Sanitizer is formulated with nontoxic ingredients and does not contain harsh or harmful chemicals

Refreshing ESTA Hand Sanitizer has a zesty citrus scent that rejuvenates its user.

Eco-friendly ESTA Hand Sanitizer uses a refillable twist and spray bottle to reduce single use plastic.

ESTA Hand sanitizer is also multi-purpose and can be used to disinfect products that are commonly used with high touchpoints such as handphones, wallets, keyboards, bags, etc.

• Plastic
• Metals
• Leather
• Fabric
• Silicon
• Wood